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Tracy who said, “never have a budget- I have great self control- always shop smart and spend as little money as possible on GREAT finds!”

Congratulations Tracy!  You should be getting an email as soon as I post this and get my mouse over to gmail.  Thanks for playing and you should get your loot by Christmas!  (well, that part is sort of up to the post office, but I will mail it on Monday anyway)

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I’m so excited to participate in Sew Mama Sew’s famous giveaway day.  I’ve wanted to join in the fun for the past two years but didn’t get it together.  Now the timing is just right and I’m happy to offer two handmade zippered pouches (made by me!) and a surprise bag of scraps.  They will be at least 5″ X 5″ and be good, very good!  So, to be picked you just need to answer a simple question or two:

1. When you go to craft fairs, how much to you budget, if you budget an amount, or do you act purely on impulse?  Would you ever consider spending a large amount on one particular thing (over $100 for example)


2:  How much would you spend on a handmade, lined, zippered pouch if you wanted to buy one at a craft bazaar?  Of course, made with high quality fabrics.

I will pick a winner at random from the comments on Friday.  Please include an email in your comments and subscribe to my blog if you want to- no pressure though!  Happy Holidays!

Here’s the loot:

Good Luck!



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Merry Stitches Ornaments

Head over to Sew Mama Sew with your kids to learn how to make easy ornaments with just a few scraps and some basic embroidery supplies.



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Puffing and Chuffing Along

I’m bringing things to two Holiday craft bazaars this year and I have had lots of fun sewing, sewing, sewing. Unfortunately, when Mommy is busy sewing, Mommy is not busy cleaning!  The result being a family of grumps having to pitch in more than normal and put up with a serious lack of clean laundry.  The husband’s been great about washing the dishes, and has even made me cute little wooden clothing racks for my doll’s clothes, and a two display racks for hanging bags.   I have one more craft bazaar this weekend at a local school.  Wish me luck!  I’m really learning a lot about marketing handmade things, and what sells (and what doesn’t).  Here are some things I’ve made:

Hand sewn dolls:

Some bags:

Some more bags:





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Day #3

For day 3 the Kids’ Clothes Challenge week I made yet another Tee for Two by Figgy’s kids.  For this one my daughter requested a snug fitting tee with flared sleeves.  Rather than go all out with the “bell bottom” effect she actually wanted, I made the sleeves subtle for now.  But I fear I’ll be scorned when she gets home because of that applique–the shirt looked not so girly without it.

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Kids’ Clothes Challenge week!

My husband’s response when I told him I was participating in the kids’ clothes challenge was, “the real challenge would be to sew less than an hour every day for a week.”  HA!  So not happening.

So, for day #1:

I cut out Tees for Two for my kids (from Patterns by Figgy’s– love this pattern!).  Son to get a long sleeved tee and daughter to get a pajama shirt out of some waffle knit I’ve had on hand for three years.

Day #2:

Sewed the above shirt for Theo.

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Tokyo Subway Quilt-along

Sponsored by Elizabeth from Oh Fransson.  I’ve done one measly block!

It’s been fun, but tough to collect the fabrics. Despite owning three very large scrap bins, I don’t have that much that fits the monochromatic style this quilt requires.  I’m lacking grey, purple and orange.  If there is another Subway quilt-along-er out there who needs teal, yellow, red or pink, give a shout out and maybe we can swap.  I seem to deal heavily in pinks!

Hopefully I’ll have enough fabrics assembled by next week to make block #2 without reusing too many that appear in block #1.  It is a great modern design and I’m so thankful to Elizabeth for sharing it and hosting a quilt-along.  Can’t wait to get her book.

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Summer Sewing

There’s been some sewing this summer!  Really!  Actually there’s been quite a bit, just not any inspiration to document.  I’m currently working on a wedding gift, a quilt inspired by City Lights in the book City Quilts, by Cherry House Quilts.   I’m also working on a dress to wear to that wedding and according to the calendar, I have exactly one month to finish both.  To be continued…

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Tee for Two

Testing a new Tee by Patterns by Figgys.  It’s a raglan sleeved t- shirt in multiple sizes and with versions for both boys and girls, long sleeved or short.  I suppose you  could even make a quarter length sleeve too.  The pattern will come out soon so look for it here.

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Beach Bum Hoddie from Figgy’s kids

Beach Bum Hoodie

Head over to Sew Mama Sew to read my review of the Beach Bum Hoodie from Patterns by Figgy’s.

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