Ottobre “bert” bermuda shorts

I love this pattern from Ottobre issue 3/09. This is my third pair. The first pair I made was a failure because I used a stretchy denim and the pockets and back yoke were wavy. I’m not going to try to salvage them because the color is terrible (peachy orange).

My sister wanted orange shorts for my nephew whose turning 2 in a few weeks. When she saw the peachy orange she didn’t say anything critical but I could tell it wasn’t what she had in mind! I think she’ll like this “true orange” better.

There is something very satisfying about the Ottobre patterns, I haven’t exactly figured out why yet but I think it’s the short, no nonsense directions that you don’t have to wrestle 3 yards of paper to read.

I’ve experimented with two methods of applying the waistband. With the orange ones above I added an inch or so to the width of the band and stitched it on from the inside out like the directions said, however I did not sew the elastic to the band. I prefer to float the elastic within the band especially when the pants are for kids other than my own. For T’s shorts I sewed the elastic to the band and then added the band by sewing it right sides together. I thought it would be less bulky that way but it turned out a little itchy on the inside. Thankfully T doesn’t care.

I’m making a girly pair next for D with a homespun fabric.


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sahm to 9yr old girl and 5.5yr old boy, sewing enthusiast living in the greater Portland Oregon area
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  1. Irene says:

    Hey! I didn’t know you had a blog. I will start linking ASAP!

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