Ottobre Boxer Briefs

I’ve been making underwear from Ottobre issue 4/04–which is an excellent one.  I’m going to review the boys’ boxer brief pattern number #37.  I’ve made my son 2 pairs and my husband 1 (he fits into the 170 size with his narrow hips!)  I made my daughter some panties with pattern #34 from this issue and maybe I’ll write a review of those after I iron out some problems.

Here are the boys’ shorts:

And the second pair for T size 104:

July 09 020What I like about the pattern:

1.You can use up small scraps of knit and if the colors don’t jive, no sweat, they won’t show!

2. They go together in about an hour.

3.  He loves them and they fit just as well as the Gymboree ones he has favored (which range from $5-12 and since I can buy knit on sale at about $3.50/yard and can eek many a pair out of a yard–the savings are substantial)

As for the directions; it took me a few readings to fully grasp the way they are supposed to go together, which is par for the course with Ottobre.  Their directions are sometimes confusing when you just read through them, but after you have the cut pieces in front of you and are starting to sew, they make sense and are refreshingly concise.

I only had a few minor issues with the pattern.   First, I don’t like the leg bindings so wide so I trimmed them a bit on the second pair (maybe for larger sizes, wider is better?).  Second, the pattern doesn’t give you a length to cut the contrast binding so on one pair, I cut it too short had to stretch it, and it still came up 1 inch short.  It’s much easier just to cut it longer and have a little extra…

Since I like to cut corners,  I always seek steps to eliminate while perusing a pattern and because Ottobre is so darned efficient, I usually don’t have to.  But this time I did find one…  It says to stitch the front panel to the back and then sew the contrast binding to the seam allowance in a separate step but I tried it in one step and it worked just fine.  After sewing this seam but before top-stitching the binding down,  don’t forget to trim all seam allowances to reduce some of the bulk –I didn’t do this the first time and the seam is thick.

I’ve done the seams with and without the contrast and it really makes for a cute fit and since it encloses the seam allowance, there’s no irritating seam on the inside.

inside view- smooth like a french seam

inside view- smooth like a french seam

Here are a few links to the pattern sewn up that I’ve admired in the Ottobre flickr group:  hers and hers.  There are many different ways to sew them up and they’re all cute and very wearable.


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3 Responses to Ottobre Boxer Briefs

  1. Jenny says:

    These turned out so adorable! What a cool pattern.

  2. Sunny says:

    I love these but can’t seem to find out how to order just this issue of Ottobre! Very nice, and they would be great for my two grandsons! Also love your helpful hints.

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