Tie Dye Party

Last weekend we had a few friends and family over for tie dye and lunch.  We all had a good time rolling and rubber banding our bags of white stuff (t-shirts, underwear, camisoles, fabric and more), then we  took turns soaking our goods and squirting the dye.  After getting thoroughly sweaty (it was hot) and dyed-out, we broke for lunch and the kids ran around like a pack of wolves.  Later we opened and rinsed one thing that each kid dyed, and then sat around drinking iced coffee and eating strawberry-peach-blueberry shortcake, while the kids cooled off in the sprinkler.

Tie Dye party- Mary's pic by you.

We all rinsed out our creations back at our own homes after the requisite 24 hours sitting time.

Some stuff turned out great

Some only mediocre.  Every time tie dye we learn new tricks.

We ordered the supplies from Dharma Trading Company and used the traditional “Soda Soak tie dye method” which entails soaking in soda ash fixer and then dying with a procion dye mixed with urea.  We did tie dye about 5 years ago using this method and the clothes are almost as bright as day one.


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sahm to 9yr old girl and 5.5yr old boy, sewing enthusiast living in the greater Portland Oregon area
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