Doggie Bed

My puppy,

chomped a gaping hole through her cheap dog bed and after spending an hour carefully hand mending it and adding expensive Velcro (which I usually never spring for- opting for the cheap stuff from Joann) she ate through it again and within mere minutes there was fluff coming out all over the room.  So I needed to A: buy her a more durable one (expensive!),  B: not let her have a bed in the living room, or C: make one!

Being thrifty and crafty and sort of masochistic I decided to make one.  Because this is the first dog bed I’ve ever made I decided to use only recycled materials and fabric already on hand.  That way if it gets eaten I’m not out much money.

There she is enjoying the finished product:

(sorry the picture is terrible- there’s no light there)

And here are the steps if you’re interested:

First- To fill the inner bag, gather batting scraps, small bits of fabric and foam, pillow filler fluff–basically anything that you would normally throw out.  My mom had about 8 quilts worth of batting scraps that she had collected over the years, seemingly just for this purpose since she had no other use for them that I could predict .  I ended up with more than enough to fill my inner bag:

I made the inner bag out of a large practice quilt that my mom used in her long arm quilting class.  It was two pieces of nice muslin and batting with lots of cute practice stitches running through.  After stuffing it, I hand stitched the opening closed and tufted it with a long doll needle:

As you can see, it does NOT need to be perfectly lined up or anything (it’s for a dog and will get covered with your cute cover later)

Then pick some durable decorator weight fabric for the outer cover.  This should prewashed/ washable.  NO exceptions on this as your dog will inevitably drool and deposit fur on it daily.   I measured out a piece of twill (cheap with my Joann coupon) to fit the pillow with a few extra inches all around for wiggle room and seam allowance, plus about 10 inches for the flap.   I opted not to install a zipper this time since that was too tempting (the zipper was the first thing to get chewed off the old bed).   The 10 inch flap piece will overlap the opening, thus creating an envelope and mine was cut perpendicular to the selvedge so I could use the selvedge along the opening so I didn’t have to hem it.  To learn how envelope covers are made I referred to a few tutorials online, found quickly through a google search.

She couldn’t stay off of it during the process!

And here it is all done and already surrounded by toys:

And she loves it!

UPDATE:  about 3 months later she still loves it and there’s been no destruction as of yet!


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sahm to 9yr old girl and 5.5yr old boy, sewing enthusiast living in the greater Portland Oregon area
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5 Responses to Doggie Bed

  1. Irene says:

    Spoiled pup! Great job.

  2. Sally says:

    Nice work! How was SMS last night?

    • G says:

      It was really fun despite all the coughing (Violet and I were hacking the whole time) But we didn’t let it get us down! We stayed until 10pm- we’ll see you next time!

  3. urban craft says:

    not a terrible picture. Great bed, doggie seems to love it too!

  4. Jaclyn says:

    I’m convinced dogs can differentiate lovely handmade stuff and store bought stuff. I’m glad your pup loves her handmade bed!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

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