Tokyo Subway Quilt-along

Sponsored by Elizabeth from Oh Fransson.  I’ve done one measly block!

It’s been fun, but tough to collect the fabrics. Despite owning three very large scrap bins, I don’t have that much that fits the monochromatic style this quilt requires.  I’m lacking grey, purple and orange.  If there is another Subway quilt-along-er out there who needs teal, yellow, red or pink, give a shout out and maybe we can swap.  I seem to deal heavily in pinks!

Hopefully I’ll have enough fabrics assembled by next week to make block #2 without reusing too many that appear in block #1.  It is a great modern design and I’m so thankful to Elizabeth for sharing it and hosting a quilt-along.  Can’t wait to get her book.


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sahm to 9yr old girl and 5.5yr old boy, sewing enthusiast living in the greater Portland Oregon area
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One Response to Tokyo Subway Quilt-along

  1. mo says:

    I will go through my stuff to see if I have any gray, purple or orange scraps for you and bring it next time we meet. I am excited for the book too- I have it pre ordered. I am just waiting for it to show up on my doorstep!

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