Puffing and Chuffing Along

I’m bringing things to two Holiday craft bazaars this year and I have had lots of fun sewing, sewing, sewing. Unfortunately, when Mommy is busy sewing, Mommy is not busy cleaning!  The result being a family of grumps having to pitch in more than normal and put up with a serious lack of clean laundry.  The husband’s been great about washing the dishes, and has even made me cute little wooden clothing racks for my doll’s clothes, and a two display racks for hanging bags.   I have one more craft bazaar this weekend at a local school.  Wish me luck!  I’m really learning a lot about marketing handmade things, and what sells (and what doesn’t).  Here are some things I’ve made:

Hand sewn dolls:

Some bags:

Some more bags:






About G

sahm to 9yr old girl and 5.5yr old boy, sewing enthusiast living in the greater Portland Oregon area
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2 Responses to Puffing and Chuffing Along

  1. Stacy says:

    So you are the one with the handmade ornaments featured on SMS! We are planning that activity as our first sewing experience here at our house. Would you mind sharing where you got the pattern for the bags in the bottom pic? I think my daughter would love one of those!

  2. wendy says:

    your bags are lovely, I love the fabrics you’ve used.

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